We perform a full and thorough malware/virus removal on any infected computers to ensure that the system is fully clean and secure.Computer viruses and malware are becoming far more prevalent than ever before. Unfortunately, your firewall or computer security software may not protect you from every possible threat. Antivirus Online Updates is highly trained in virus and malware removal and are always ready to help clean up your computer of unwanted software, restoring it to its original working condition so that you can get on with your life.

Types of Computer Viruses:

Viruses come in many forms. Some are merely annoying, and some are of severe malicious intent, meant to rob you of your personal information, passwords, identity, and finances. If your computer has been affected by any of these potential threats, you need to address the issue before it gets out of hand and causes too much damage.

Malicious software, Trojan horses, viruses, adware, and spyware can enter your local network through many gateways, including:

  • Inadvertently downloading from a seemingly harmless e-mail or site
  • As an add-on to an installed software update
  • Visiting sites that are only meant to steal your personal information or data
Here are a few symptoms that might help you determine if your computer is infected by a virus:
  • Pages you navigate to in your browser will redirect to other pages (adware).
  • No matter what you do, your computer, mouse or keyboard will not respond.
  • Crashing for no reason, or self-restarting.
  • Files missing, or extra/duplicate files suddenly appear.
  • Applications not responding as they should.
  • Unusual error messages.
  • Incessant pop-ups.
  • Discs or drives are inaccessible.